Sergi Marquez

Web Developer


Hey, I'm Sergi

I'm a freelance Front-End Developer based in Barcelona.

I design and build amazing websites and apps. You can check my Github with some of my demo projects.

Feel free to Shoot me a message :)



calorie counter screenshot

Calorie Counter

A React app that calculates your daily calories intake.

Burger Builder

A test app built with React/Redux. Includes authentication and order tracking page (AJAX, Axios, routing, Firebase).

Image Finder

A simple image search using AJAX, Axios and CSS grid system.


E-commerce web design and development.

Total Homes

WordPress design and development with ACF.

Marketing Agency

Responsive design with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap Framework.

Travel Site

Responsive Web Design built with HTML5, CSS (BEM & PostCSS), ES6, mobile first.


E-Commerce development with Instagram shopping integration.